Small-business pitfall: balancing work, life

By Tiana Velez
Tucson, Arizona | Published: 01.09.2006

Small-business owners daily walk a fine line dividing their time between the demands of work and personal life. Often times, work wins out.

From paying the bills to managing employees, the daily operations of running a business can be overwhelming.

"So many small-business owners get caught in the 'as soon as' trap," said Jim Bird, CEO of in Atlanta.

They think "'as soon as I finish up this order, or as soon as I wrap up this client's work, then I'll take some time for myself,'" he said. "And they never escape that because there's always something else."

"It is to each his own," said business and life coach Cheryl Vallejos of Tucson. "It really depends on the client and what's going to be the best for them."

Consultants generally express work-life balance as the point at which an individual achieves his own highest level of satisfaction in several aspects of life.

In her work with clients, Vallejos uses the image of a wheel where the spokes are represented by eight different areas including work, family, friends, personal enrichment, and health.

If one area, or spoke, doesn't rate as high as the others, the uneven shape of the wheel throws the whole balance off.

There's typically a process involved in setting that balance right, and both Vallejos and Bird suggest starting with a serious examination of the areas in your life most important to you and prioritizing your time accordingly.

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